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Pharmaceutical leader manages growth by optimizing capacity usage

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    capacity visibility

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    cost and usage data

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    business risk

Business Challenge

Sanofi’s strategic model for growth focuses on R&D and a transformation of business processes to create synergy across business units that span the globe. The model demands seamless integration of technology and business processes to promote collaboration among researchers and developers. Sanofi’s global infrastructure services (GIS) organization is helping the company make this vision a reality with next-generation data centers (NGDCs) built on a comprehensive approach to IT.

BMC Solution

GIS chose TrueSight Capacity Optimization to manage capacity holistically across its NGDCs. The solution gathers and consolidates huge amounts of heterogeneous data from disparate sources and presents it in a meaningful way that delivers value to the business. With TrueSight, Sanofi can understand current capacity utilization, accurately forecast demand, and make IT investment decisions based on reliable data.

Business Impact

TrueSight is helping IT transform itself into an indispensable strategic asset by enabling the alignment of core business functions to drive innovation.

  • Insight into utilization and costs eliminates overspending and underspending on capacity.
  • Visibility into peaks, valleys, and other periodic fluctuations helps establish baselines and alert staff automatically of deviations that require attention.
  • Proactive analytics support the creation of forecasting and correlation models that mitigate business risk by providing visibility into business impact.
  • Moviri capabilities integrate TrueSight with Splunk, Entuity, and data analytics software from IBM, HP, and Microsoft, enabling business-aware capacity reporting that allows IT to size the capacity requirements of a service based on actual business volumes.
  • Dashboards present visualizations of data integrated from multiple sources for quick insights and rapid response.

“TrueSight gives us a consistent process and toolset for effective management of our massive IT environment.”

— Chris Wimer, Global Capacity Manager, Sanofi

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