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BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence solutions deliver on the promise of the self-managing mainframe by providing the ability to manage, optimize, and heal your mainframe IT systems efficiently and cost effectively.

What is BMC AMI?

BMC AMI enables you to predict and solve problems before they impact your customers. With BMC AMI, you are tapping into a collection of advanced solutions and capabilities that incorporate automation, machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

BMC AMI Enterprise Connectors help ensure that your business-critical mainframe data is connected to the rest of your enterprise IT systems. You can break down silos between your mainframe and the broader enterprise to manage end-to-end application performance and run real-time, predictive analytics on the mainframe.

  • Connect your mainframe data and information to the rest of your enterprise
  • Quickly and easily connect real-time mainframe data to Splunk, Hadoop, and other analytics engines and dashboards
  • Enhance security with up-to-the-second security notifications for faster remediation in the event of a breach
  • Capture critical data and deliver real-time notifications directly into SIEM systems

BMC AMI Autonomous Solutions provide mainframe domain expertise out of the box to give you the right metrics and insights at the right time. Upcoming BMC AMI solutions will include:

  • BMC AMI for Security Management
  • BMC AMI for DevOps
  • BMC AMI for Performance and Availability Management
  • BMC AMI for Cost and Capacity Management
The AMI Advantage

The BMC AMI Advantage

Why is BMC AMI the key to your mainframe modernization success?

BMC AMI combines decades of domain expertise driven by an understanding of what organizations are challenged with, as well as what metrics determine success or failure. BMC AMI solutions monitor key performance indicators, predicting slowdowns and outages with enough notice to be able to recover.

The ability to apply multivariate processing across multiple data sources, both deep and broad, combined with multiple product capabilities means that this domain expertise is baked into your solutions from the beginning.

With BMC AMI, you can watch for anomalies across numerous variables and resolve issues automatically without requiring in-house technical skills that may be scarce. This is true intelligence in action.

Key elements of a self-managing mainframe

Implementing a self-managing mainframe goes beyond patching process holes with one-off automation products. Building the modern mainframe requires:

  • Data visualization with modern user experiences, fed by data discovery and multiple data sources
  • Predictive analytics, driven by pattern analysis algorithms that detect anomalies and analyze their impact
  • Root-cause analysis enabled by rapid problem determination based on machine learning
  • Prescribed remediation based on the prevailing conditions and events
  • Intelligent automation to keep the environment running securely and at peak efficiency
Self Managing Mainframe

Drive a modern, agile business

According to Gartner, 30 percent of data centers that fail to apply AI and machine learning effectively in support of enterprise business will cease to be operationally and economically viable by 2020. But investing in AI and machine learning without connecting it to intelligent automation is an incomplete approach.

BMC AMI automatically manages, diagnoses, heals, and optimizes your mainframe to ensure the highest availability and performance at the lowest possible cost. For example, in a potential system outage scenario:

  • An application is changed over the weekend, increasing CPU usage, and setting off an intelligent alarm
  • Predictive analytics reveal this will impact production on Monday
  • The problem – changes to access paths – is automatically diagnosed
  • Appropriate remediation is prescribed based on AI?
  • Intelligent automation via BMC AMI enacts automated SQL tuning prior to a system outage

With the efficiencies BMC AMI brings, you can free up teams to work on high value projects, such as deploying new customer services.

Detect and stop security threats in real time

The ability of BMC AMI to “see around the corner” means not only more effective performance management but also greater security. BMC AMI for Security enables you to automatically monitor and secure your mainframe data with confidence, connect to the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) of your choice, and more easily satisfy growing compliance requirements.

  • Ensure business continuity with real-time visibility into privileged user activity
  • Get real-time alerts to help secure against unauthorized systems and data access
  • Speed remediation with a 360-degree view of threat activity
  • Integrate seamlessly with your IT Security Operations Center
  • Easy to install; easy to use
Self Managing Mainframe

Getting started with Automated Mainframe Intelligence is easy