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The explosive growth of data volumes for digital business places a high demand on database management professionals. BMC helps you simplify and transform your data management processes and gain a competitive advantage with our solutions for IMS.

Manage your IMS databases and transactions efficiently to meet the scale and complexity of digital business

  • Manage the IMS Catalog with Catalog Manager for IMS, a new no-charge offering recently announced
  • Identify fragmentation and reorganize databases to improve application performance
  • Automate and simplify maintenance, while ensuring data integrity
  • Increase application availability and IT staff productivity while reducing costs
  • Implement a long-term backup and recovery strategy
  • Optimize transaction management

Simplify database reorganization

Reduce the effort for maintaining and reorganizing your IMS databases—using an intuitive graphical interface that shows you which databases are approaching performance, space, or recovery thresholds. Protect the integrity of IMS data, and verify and analyze data structures to keep your data in top condition.

  • Conserve data management resources by determining whether scheduled reorganization jobs need to be run
  • Improve data availability by automatically assessing if and when databases need maintenance performed, doing online reorganizations and generating the optimized JCL
  • Automatically detect exceptions and take actions that are based on user-defined thresholds
  • Reduce downtime for database restructuring, actively validate data structures, and analyze resource usage
  • Reduce costs and delay CPU upgrades through zIIP offloads

Automate backup and recovery

Don’t let unplanned downtime ruin your day—recover from outages at top speed with BMC Recovery for IMS

  • Produce image copies while keeping your databases online for other processing
  • Automate standard recovery tasks
  • Recover multiple databases simultaneously, while automatically checking for and resolving errors
  • Simulate recovery scenarios to ensure you can recover in a specified timeframe

Automate and simplify maintenance for Fast Path databases

BMC Fast Path Utilities for IMS helps you conquer maintenance challenges of Fast Path databases and manage your Fast Path environment effectively and efficiently.

  • Simplify and automate reorganization and maintenance tasks by boosting the speed and reducing the application impact with online reorganization, analysis and image copies
  • Enable automatic restart and recovery processes to dramatically reduce delays and outages
  • Enhance application processing by using secondary indexes

Optimize IMS transaction management

BMC products for IMS Transactions Manager – each sold separately – help you reduce the time and money spent on managing your IMS transaction environment.

  • Reduce IMS downtime by updating IMS configurations without the need to generate control blocks
  • Improve your productivity with better insight into transaction processing
  • Take the burden off your staff and inform them of potential problems before issues affect availability by automating tasks

Eliminate the risk of application restart

BMC Application Restart Control for IMS automates checkpoint creation and tracking, ensuring that you’ll always restart from a reliable point of consistency. Restart without any application code of JCL changes.

  • Save significant time and CPU consumption with an external filter that scales back excessive checkpoint activity
  • Reduce—or even eliminate—batch rerun time, while keeping all your data repositories in sync
  • Quiesce jobs quickly just before a scheduled outage by ending them at a checkpoint, and rely on those same checkpoints for fast, easy recovery from unplanned outages
  • Perform restarts painlessly and efficiently with minimal implementation requirements and support for a variety of programming languages

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your IMS environment

The mainframe is the backbone of digital business, and you are in charge of IMS on the mainframe

Quickly deliver the best application performance to your business and your clients, without a disorganized database slowing you down. With BMC database management solutions for IMS, you can run your tasks more often, maintaining more data for less cost, and with better results.

  • Ensure the integrity and availability of your data
  • Reduce the risk of outages and downtime
  • Ensure data is always optimized
  • Keep costs down
  • Get continual access to data including interactive charts and tables that display the current state and historical data about jobs, databases, database partitions, data sets, and segments

IMS system management made easy

Manage complex IMS environments, optimize message queue usage, and open IMS to the web while ensuring continuous availability

  • Eliminate IMS downtime and improve system programmer productivity by dynamically changing system resource definitions and by eliminating IMSGENs
  • Improve availability and prevent costly errors by providing interactive analysis of the impact of a system resource definition change
  • Enable dynamic changes to the IMS Connect environment
  • Prevent messages from overloading the system
  • Provide detailed information about “who did what?” in the IMS environment
“Good, reliable, and fast software.” — IT Professional, Medium Enterprise Computer Services Company
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