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Remedyforce Features and Integrations

Support the needs of your dynamic business with the robust IT Service Management capabilities available in Remedyforce.

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  • CMDB & Configuration Management

    CMDB and Configuration Management

    Integrated inventory maintains accurate information in the Remedyforce Configuration Management Database (CMDB), providing visibility into root cause and impact analysis. See configuration data, including relationships between configuration items, in a topographical view. Includes the ability to detect collisions and analyze impact.

  • Client Management

    Client Management

    Discover, configure, manage, and secure IT endpoints. Remedyforce Client Management Premium offers endpoint discovery (agent and agentless), remote control, and configuration compliance management. Remedyforce Client Management Premium Plus offers the Premium capabilities plus patch management and software delivery.

    Remedyforce Asset and Client Management Datasheet

  • Release Management

    Release Management

    Allows management of the processes for planning, scheduling, and controlling the build, test, and deployment of releases and new functionality while protecting the integrity of existing services.

  • Chat

    Easily connect and collaborate with customers in real time. Map categories to IT staff for automated routing and assignment. Easily update an existing incident or create a new incident from a chat session.

  • Multi-Channel Self-Service


    Help employees resolve their own issues or needs. Users can submit new service requests, search for solutions to common problems in a vast knowledge base, or view the status of previously submitted incidents. Includes access to self-service via mobile devices.

  • Service Catalog

    Service Catalog

    Create a catalog of IT and business services for customers to browse and request without contacting support. Automate the review and approval of requests to maximize service quality and efficiency.

  • Mobile Apps for IT & the Business

    Mobile Apps for IT and Business

    Supports the needs of IT and business users on the go. Leveraging the Salesforce1 platform, IT agents can use a mobile device to perform virtually any task they would perform at their computers. Self-service business users can submit incidents, view knowledge articles, and use common ticket templates from a mobile device.

    The native Remedyforce mobile app for the business provides full self-service functionality including the ability to check status, submit incidents, browse and submit service requests, check knowledge articles, manage approvals and follow Chatter conversations from a mobile device.

  • Service Level Management

    Service level management

    Maintains customer satisfaction and accountability. Also applies to operational agreements with departments outside IT and extends to underpinning contracts with third party vendors as well.

  • Dashboards & Analytics

    Dashboard and Analytics

    Provides customizable dashboard views so agents get an instant visual display of key performance indicators across a range of process, performance, and workload measurements. Supports continuous service improvement through effective and timely reporting.

  • Reporting


    Provides reports for managing and optimizing help desk and IT asset management operations. The powerful platform ensures the sophistication, visibility, and flexibility needed to keep track of key performance and capacity data across your organization.

  • Social Collaboration with Chatter

    Social Collaboration with Chatter

    Salesforce Chatter® functionality allows agents to collaborate to solve incidents and allows customers to contact IT via a Chatter post. Agents can follow any object in order to gain collective knowledge. Chatter also provides business processing, such as approvals, in a social tool.

  • ITIL Best Practices and Smart Practices

    IT Best Practices

    Remedyforce uniquely includes the Alignability Process Model, giving customers access to industry best practices across all major IT service management areas. This reduces training needs, speeds resolution, mitigates risk, and improves compliance and governance.

  • Surveys


    Create, schedule, and manage the distribution of surveys to understand the satisfaction of your customer base. Surveys are easy to configure and administer and provide an automated approach to gathering feedback.

Remedyforce Integrations

Support the unique needs of your modern business by integrating with other functional areas of your IT organization to increase visibility, coordinate communication and accelerate service delivery.