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Virtual Chat

Virtual Chat

The service desk agent that’s always available

BMC Virtual Chat is a self-service solution combining virtual agent and live chat to improve employee productivity, lower IT support costs and boost customer satisfaction. The virtual agent retrieves answers to customer queries from knowledge databases and the Web. Live chats are automatically routed to the right expert and a ticket generated in BMC Remedy. The multi-window chat console lets agents help up to four customers at a time.

  • Fewer calls: Virtual agent can help answer simple questions and reduce support costs.
  • Mobile chat: Access the virtual agent through your favorite chat applications on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Live assistance: Intelligently route chat sessions to live service agents when users need a more personal touch.

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Virtual and live chat integrated with all your data sources

Virtual agent

The virtual agent is always available and can tap into a variety of data sources so you can give your customers intelligent answers all the time.

Chat routing

Allow users to bypass the virtual agent and chat with a live agent for complex queries.

Incident integration

Convert chat sessions to incidents and log the entire chat history.

Language translation

Enable users to chat in their native language.

Multi-person chat

Bring subject-matter experts into a chat session to solve issues faster and deliver great service.

Private chat rooms

Capture knowledge in collaborative, private chat rooms and turn that knowledge into an FAQ.

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  • Live service agents can handle up to four chat sessions simultaneously.
  • Virtual chat agent contacts the right people based on the request.
  • Users can chat in their own languages with instant translations.
  • Detailed KPI/ROI reporting shows resolved incidents, average wait times, popular resolutions, FAQs, and more.

"We needed a tool that would allow us to route chat sessions to the proper person or queue. BMC Virtual Chat allows us to route a chat the same way we route an incident."

— Kathy Sweet, Amica Insurance

Part of your comprehensive digital service management solution


BMC MyIT delivers one-click self-service to the products and services employees need to do their work

Remedy Service Management Suite

Remedy Service Management Suite is an enterprise service management platform built natively for mobile with an intuitive, people-centric user experience that makes your whole organization more productive.